Jorge “George” Pacheco

3-Time Chicago Golden Gloves Open Champion, Mexican National Champion & today, the founder & CEO of Apache Service & Supply, APEX Drone Services & Black Door Pub

Our next Titan is three-time Chicago Golden Gloves Open division champion and Mexican National champion, Gorge Pacheco.

Watch a profile of him from Chicago's PBS station by clicking HERE.

The son of immigrants from Juarez Mexico, Jorge Pacheco was raised in Aurora to a working-class family. You may remember his father Gil, a boxer in Mexico in the ‘70s, who twice coached the Chicago Golden Gloves national team.

Gil wasn’t sure young Jorge really wanted to be a great fighter. The kid was an entrepreneur, starting his first business before he was 10.

In 1996, George won a title he’s particularly proud of, the Mexican National Championship and later that year, he won the Mexican Olympic Qualifier.

Back here, in 1997, ‘98 and ‘99, Pacheco won three Chicago Golden Gloves open division titles in a row.

Along the way, the US Olympic committee awarded George the prestigious Thomas “Sarge” Johnson scholarship, helping him to graduate from Northern Illinois University.

Almost immediately, George started his own business out of his bedroom, a cleaning supply company.

Soon he had four employees. Today, his company is based in Pilsen and has expanded exponentially. Apache Service and Supply has contracts with Live Nation, UIC, Chicago Public Schools and Aramark. When President Obama visited Chicago, the US Secret Service hired George’s company, Apache for the event.

As his  business began to boom, Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, appointed Jorge to serve on the Nacional Financiera Advisory Board, a governmental organization helping Mexican small businesses and in 2016, Pacheco accompanied U.S Senator Richard Durbin to Mexico City to commemorate the 10-year anniversary.

The longtime owner of Black Door Pub in Aurora, George’s newest venture, APEX, is revolutionizing Illinois’ billion-dollar commercial exterior cleaning industry by replacing dangerous and expensive scaffoldings with drone technology for mid-rise buildings.

Most importantly, today, Apache Service and Supply employs nearly 400 people from greater Chicago with good jobs. Union jobs. With benefits and pensions for working families with dreams and aspirations, just like the family he grew up in.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring, 3-time Chicago Golden Gloves champion and recipient of the Chicago Golden Gloves Titan award, George Pacheco.