hall of fame induction ceremony

To commemorate our 100th anniversary, we are proud to introduce the Chicago Golden Gloves Hall of Fame. During the 2023 tournament, it will be our absolute priviledge to induct the inaugural class of living legends.

In the truest spirit of our great tradition, these men came from humble beginings and literally fought their way to greatness. Winning before sold out crowds at the Chicago Stadium, they honored their families, the Chicago Golden Gloves community, indeed all of boxing, and beyond.

We know you'll want to join us, to hear their great stories and congratulate them, as we celebrate these men who defined "Champion." Details to be announced.


hall of fame committee considerations

Athlete nominee qualification criteria:
● Champion of the Chicago Golden Gloves in the open division
● Retired from amteur competition for a minimum of 5 years; Elders have priority.
● Demonstrated a high level of character, team work, sportsmanship and integrity
● Winners of multiple Chicago Golden Gloves championships, Chicago Golden Gloves National team members,  US National champions and Olympians

Non-athlete nominee qualification criteria:
● Coach, Official, doctor or other role of relevant contribution
● Significant impact on the Chicago Golden Gloves and the sport of amateur boxing in Illinois for a period of at least 5 years
● Demonstrated high moral code of integrity, character, and commitment to the Chicago Golden Gloves and the sport of amateur boxing in Illinois

All applications will be reviewed and decided upon by the Hall of Fame committee members.

Each qualified nominee’s application will be considered for up to 5 years, with no limit on the number of nominations.

The Hall of fame committee has discretion over how many nominees will be inducted in any given year.

Nominations must include the full name of the nominee and what qualifies them for the nomination, along with contact information, cell phone number and email address.

The nominator must include their name and contact information for them to be considered.

All nominations should be sent to: