2nd Annual Chicago golden gloves national masters tournament of champions

JUNE 28th and 29th, 2025

Information is on the National Masters Tournament page


2025 Dates: Preliminaries           March 5,6,7,8

                      Quarter finals         March 13,14,15

                       Semi finals                March 20,21,22

                    Finals                         april 10,11,12

Location Cicero Stadium    1909 s laramie, cicero IL

            start time 7pm nightly


Apr. 25- Associated Press, Toronto Star

Key dates in 100 years of Golden Gloves boxing in Chicago. Read it here.


Apr. 25- Associated Press, Sun-Times

For Michael Flatley and Joseph Sikora, Golden Gloves led to success beyond ring. Read it here.


Apr. 14- WGN News

A Century of Champions: The 100th anniversary of Chicago’s Golden Gloves. See it here.


Apr. 13- WTTW/PBS Chicago

5 Things to Do This Weekend. Read it here.


Apr. 13- WGN Tv morning show live

Around Town previews the Chicago Golden Gloves Championship. Watch it here.


Apr. 13- axios, Justin kaufmann

Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament Marks 100 Years. Read it here.


Apr. 12- Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Golden Gloves was solely for men for decades. Then women entered the ring in 1994 and made history. Read it here.


Governor Pritzker proclamation

By proclamation of Governor J.B. Pritzker, Tuesday, March 21 is "Chicago Golden Gloves Day" in Illinois and April 10 - 16 is "Chicago Golden Gloves Week in Illinois."

View Governor Pritzker's Proclamation


illinois senate recognizes Chicago golden gloves centennial

Thank you Senator John Curran, Senate President Don Harmon, Secretary of the Senate, Tim Anderson and the entire Illinois Senate of the 103rd General Assembly of the State of Illinois.

April 9- Chicago Tribune, Rick Kogan

"Talking boxing with Kent Greene, the man who once TKO’d a young fighter named Cassius Clay," read & see it here.

April 6- Chicago Tribune, Rick Kogan

After the Golden Gloves fights were over, these boxers went on to other successes — as judges, business owners and the creator of ‘Riverdance.' Read it here.

Appellate Court Justice Joe Birkett

April 12- Chicago Tribune

"Golden Gloves in Chicago: 100-year anniversary of the largest non-national amateur boxing event in America," read & see it here.

Apr. 1- WTTW Channel 11 (PBS)

‘90s-Era Golden Gloves Champ, Jorge Pacheco Puts the Fight Into His Business; Titan Award

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March 19- Chicago Tribune, Will Lee

At 87, Chicago Golden Gloves doctor has examined some of the boxing world’s most exciting fighters on their way to greatness. He still works ringside today. Read it here and don't miss the photo of Doc in 1969.chicago golden gloves ringside physician, Dr. Glenn Bynum.

March 12- Chicago tribune, Rick Kogan

100 years old, the Chicago-born Golden Gloves are continuing to mold boxers and inspire lives. Read it here.

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april 12- Chicago Tribune, Darcel Rockett

"The Chicago Golden Gloves was solely for men for decades. Then women entered the ring in 1994 and made history," read it and see it here.

March 25- WTTW Channel 11 (PBS)

As Golden Gloves Tournament Turns 100, ‘70s-Era Boxing Champs Look Back at Knockout Careers. Watch it here.

March 12- Chicago Tribune, Michael Phillips

"‘The Golden Gloves Story’: When it ventured into the boxing movie business, the Tribune learned it wasn’t so easy." Story & Archival Gallery

Story & Gallery

March 8- CBS Chicago

A profile of reigning & defending Chicago & National Golden Gloves super heavyweight champion, Eric Ross & his coach, 3-time Chicago Golden Gloves Open division champion, Rodney Wilson. Watch the video here.

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