How does a Coach register their boxers for the tournament?
If they have not already created an account on Konquer, follow these directions:
1. Create a coach account through signup,
2. From home page, scroll to "2024 Chicago Golden Gloves" and select "Box on Card."
3. Select "Create New Boxer" and add boxer info.
4. Select the plus on Add boxer to Event page.
5. Confirm boxer info and make payment.
Repeat for each additional boxer you want added.

How does a boxer register themselves for a tournament?
1. Signup as Boxer, go to
2. Select event from home page, "2024 Chicago Golden Gloves"
3. Select "Box on Card"
4. Confirm your info, make payment & you're done.



General Admission $20

June 29, 2024

General Admission $20

June 30, 2024




JUNE 29 & 30, 2024


   Chicago Golden Gloves will be hosting the first Annual


"Chicago Golden Gloves Masters National Tournament of Champions"


To compete in the masters division

1. All USA Boxing rules apply to these classifications, with the exception of those listed below:
2. All Masters Boxers will be issued a yellow passbook upon registering with USA Boxing.
3. Age Classification
a. Men and women boxers ages 41 and above are categorized as Master Boxers.
b. Boxers ages 35 to 40 shall declare age classification, Elite or Master, or both each year
upon registration with USA Boxing.
4. Weight Classification
a. Men: 106 lbs., 112 lbs., 119 lbs., 125 lbs., 132 lbs., 139 lbs., 147 lbs., 156l bs., 165 lbs., 176
lbs., 189 lbs., 203 lbs., 203+ lbs.
b. Women: 106 lbs., 110 lbs., 115 lbs., 119 lbs., 125 lbs., 132 lbs., 139 lbs., 146 lbs., 154 lbs.,
165 lbs., 178 lbs., 178+ lbs.
5. Number of Rounds
a. Boxers will be limited to boxing three rounds between one and two-minutes in
b. There will be one (1) minute rest between rounds
6. Matched Bouts
a. Age Differential
i. The age difference between competitors shall be no more than ten (10) years
younger or ten (10) years older.
ii. Master boxers may not compete against boxers younger than 35 years of age.
b. Weight Differential – Refer to Appendix F for current Masters weight classes.
7. Equipment
Gloves and Headgear: 16 oz. gloves and headgear will be used for all weight categories and
this equipment must have been approved and tested by USA Boxing and must meet or
exceed the minimum standards for impact as set by USA Boxing. This equipment must have
a printed label. The glove label must be located on the backside of both gloves, and the
headgear label must be located on the back panel.


Venue and Location

Cicero Stadium

1909 S Laramie

Cicero, IL

Registration fee $100+fees
Friday June 28th, 2024 Meet and Greet TBA
We will discuss all that will take place throughout the tournament including assigning coaches for those that are traveling without a coach. Great time to ask any questions you might have.
Saturday June 29th, 2024 and Sunday June 30th, 2024
Weigh-ins will start at 8am and bouts will start at 2 pm sharp.
You only weigh-in the day that you compete.
YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES  We will provide the boxing gloves. You are responsible for all other gear and also making sure it’s the right gear. Master Boxers must have USA Boxing Master Approved headgear. Handwraps or gauze and tape can be used. You can not mix hand wraps and tape or gauze, you must use one or the other. Proper boxing uniform with the waistline color being different from the color of your top. Boxing shoes, any color mouthpiece and groin protector, optional for the ladies. You are also responsible to be up to date with your USA Boxing registration and up to date physical. There are no exceptions.
You must have an up-to-date red coach's book from USA Boxing. This includes having safesport training, background clearance and coaches certification complete.
For those that will travel without a coach/cornerman there will be qualified coaches that will be willing to corner for you.

We have secured rooms at the Holiday Inn Countryside, which is about 20 minutes from the venue. The rate for a king size bed is $139 a night + tax, double queen is $149 a night +tax. This rate is good for 6-28, 6-29 and 6-30. This rate is good for reservations made before May 29, 2023

Holiday Inn Countryside

9601 Joliet Rd

Countryside, IL 60525

The call in code for rate is CGG To book online follow link provided below

There are other options in the area for lodging, but it is recommended that you call to insure credibility and safety.

Any questions feel free to call Larry at 773-343-0269 or email [email protected]